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PowerSchool Mobile
You can also take advantage of PowerSchool Mobile.  PowerSchool Mobile gives parents real-time information including attendance, grades, and assignments.  Parents can keep up with assignments and keep track of their child's progress.  
How do I get started?
(If you already have a username and password you can skip to step 4)
  1. Contact School Office (If you do not already have a current username and password for PowerSchool)
    1. School Officials will provide you with a letter that includes information about how to access the parent portal and your child's access ID and password.
  2. Create the PowerSchool Account (You will use the same username and password for PowerSchool)
    1. Use the information provided in the letter to create your PowerSchool Account.
  3. Link Your Students to your account.
    1. Use your child's access ID and password provided on the letter to link your student information.
  4. Download PowerSchool for Android or IOS.
    1. You will need the following information
      1. District Code QMXK
      2. PowerSchool User Name
      3. PowerSchool Password
  5. Enjoy staying Connected to your child's education.
  1. What is the Web Page to Sign In to Parent Portal?
    1. https://cherokee.powerschool.com/public/home.html
  2. Is there a cost for Parent Portal or PowerSchool Mobile?
    1. No
  3. What if I can't remember my username and password?
    1. Click "Having trouble signing in" on log-in page and follow instructions.
    2. You can always call the MHS Office and someone will assist you.
  4. Will my child still have access if I do not create a Parent Portal Account?
    1. Students have been provided with information to access their data regardless of whether parents have requested access.
Any questions using PowerSchool or accessing your account please contact:
Amanda Killian or Jennifer Chapman
(828) 837-2426