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Our Mission

Empowering students to build successful futures.

Our Vision

Continuing a tradition of excellence in an ever-changing world.

Philosophy of Education  

If all students are to experience an educational career that fulfills Murphy High School's Mission Statement, then teachers, administrators, parents, community members, and students alike must collaborate to facilitate the following ideas:

  • Promoting student achievement and success for every student through various teaching styles, thereby accommodating the unique and individual gifts each student possesses

  • Providing a safe haven for the school community

  • Striving to acquire and implement current technologies as a source for effective and efficient tools of learning

  • Ensuring a better future by fostering integrity and a responsible work ethic

  • Promoting healthy lifestyles

  • Functioning as a team

MHS Learning Focused Transcript for the above slideshow:
Slide 1: Murphy High is Learning Focused. Murphy High School Mission: Empowering students to build successful futures.
Slide 2: Murphy High Micro PD Course 2: Learning Goals and lesson Essential Questions, November 2019
Slide 3: Learning goals:
MHS Teachers know--
  • learning goals drive everything in the lesson
  • essential questions are used throughout the lessons.
MHS Teachers can--
  • Integrate complementary standards into lessons
  • analyze standards to unpack learning goals for lessons
  • distinguish learning goals from learning activities
  • use lesson essential questions effectively before, during, and at the end of a lesson.
Slide 4: MHS teachers are first determining the learning goal and then turning the learning goal into a question that students can answer once the lesson is complete through the assignment.
Slide 5: MHS teachers are writing the lesson essential questions at the appropriate grade level of instruction; the questions clearly capture and communicate the purpose of the lessons across all our classroom environments. The lesson essential question provides a consistent method for assessing student understanding of the learning goals.
Slide 6: Murphy High Micro PD Course 4: Graphic Organizers, December 2019
Slide 7: Goals:
MHS Teachers know--
  • about the effectiveness of graphic organizers
  • how graphic organizers should be aligned to the type of thinking desired
  • uses of graphic organizers.
MHS Teachers can--
  • select graphic organizers aligned to the type of thinking desired
  • explicitly teach students how to use graphic organizers
  • have students use graphic organizers to organize information, summarize, and complete assignments.
Slide 8: MHS teachers are using graphic organizers in order to most effectively provide learning activities.
Slide 9: Graphic organizers visually depict information which helps students remember information better and longer. MHS teachers are using graphic organizers to: illustrate and explain text material, connect thinking strategies and comprehension strategies to content learning, and assist students with organizing ideas.