Driver's Education
Driver's Education is contracted through WNC Driving School. In order to do driver education, you will need to register through their website that is linked below. 
  • Once you click on the link then you will see that it says Register for Drivers Ed 200 Exemption Test on the left hand side. If the registration is open then the link will open for you to register. 
  • If it does not open then click on LOCATIONS that is in the upper right corner of their website. 
  • Once you click on that then scroll down until you find MURPHY and then click on that.
  • A window will open that has their phone number and email address. Send them an email and call the number to let them know what school you attend and that you want to take driver education. 
Then Click on HOME that is located in the middle of the website page.
  • scroll down the page until you see UPCOMING CLASSES
  • READ all of the information and follow the directions that are given.
  • Download the STUDY GUIDE and watch the video that is provided (The video is 2hrs long, but it covers every question that is on the test and you will pass if you use the study guide along with watching the video.)