Volunteer at MHS

Donate Time

One of the most valuable ways to contribute is through the donation of your time.  Here are some of the areas where we could use volunteer help.

  • Tutoring/Academic Support​
  • Setting up for school events (fundraisers, graduation, etc.)
  • Proctoring at test time
  • Coaching or leading a club
  • Sharing skills and knowledge in the educational setting
  • Campus beautification and landscaping
  • Office/School operations support
  • Managing the recycling program

For more information, please contact the principal.
Donate Funds

Technology Scholarships
Murphy High School is now a 1:1 school, meaning that the county provides a device for each student to use for learning.  Donations help to cover technology fees and sustain this program.

Educational Tools and Experiences
Often we find opportunities to enhance student learning through field trips, new teaching and learning tools, and educational media.  Donations help us to cover expenses that expand learning experiences for our students.

School Equipment
We strive to ensure a safe and productive environment for our students by maintaining resources and improving school grounds.  Donations help us to do the following in the next five years.
    - provide seeds and a composting system for the garden
    - replace old and worn-out furniture in the media center
    - procure new tools for our innovation station