MHS Reopening Details

The calendar above shows the daily schedule for the month of November. Attendance check-ins and live learning sessions at 10 a.m. each morning will follow the same schedule!
--> Note that Monday, Nov. 23rd will be an A cohort day, and Tuesday, Nov. 24th will be a B cohort day!
--> You must use the Google Chrome browser and be logged in to Chrome in order to access the Attendance Ticket! Using Safari, Internet Explorer, etc. will not work!
There will be no paper copies of the Chromebook User Agreement this year - please electronically sign with the above link.
The above link is text instructions on accessing Canvas for your student.
The above link provides video instructions on accessing courses in Canvas for students.
This document contains information about general resources available for MHS families. There are also instructions on how to create and use a PowerSchool Parent account and how to become a parent observer in Canvas. Instructional videos are linked within the document.
Watch a full open house session with the link above.